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1. Question:

Which operating systems support Taxi 24/7? And how can I download it?


At the moment, Taxi 24/7 is only available to iOS users (iPad, iPhone and iPod). To download, simply search Taxi 24/7 in the App Store and make sure your device is compatible.

2. Question:

How much does it cost to use Taxi 24/7?


Taxi 24/7 is free of charge for both drivers and passengers. There may be the addition of a ‘convenience fee’ if a non-Taxi 24/7 user decides to pay through Taxi 24/7’s third-party service providers. Please see EULA for more.

3. Question:

Where is Taxi 24/7 available?


Currently, Taxi 24/7 is only available in parts of the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

4. Question:

Can I only book registered vehicles through Taxi 24/7?


Yes. All drivers adequately meet the legal requirements for the particular jurisdiction of operations. We do not offload bookings to other services other than licensed drivers.

5. Question:

Where can I find out more?


You can use the contact form below for any general enquiries. Otherwise, please contact your local team for more details.


Additional Support

uk_flagCurrently, Taxi 24/7 is in limited release in parts of the UK and will continue to expand into other cities as well.
aus_flagTaxi 24/7 is available in all major cities. However, we are currently working to meet demand by increasing the number of available drivers in the coming weeks
usa_flagAvailable only in New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.




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